BC Winter Games update on status of snow sports

QUESNEL, B.C. – Three Provincial Sport Organizations have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Lhtako Quesnel 2024 BC Winter Games from February 22-25 due to unfavourable snow conditions in the host community.

BC Alpine Ski, Freestyle BC, and BC Snowboard have withdrawn from the Games after extensive consultation with coaches and the BC Games Society.

A lack of snowpack on the mountain at Troll Ski Resort and the absence of heavy snowfall in the forecast influenced the final decision. Mountain-based sports, already facing a difficult and shortened winter season, require significant snowpack and technical venue builds to run safe and meaningful competition.

Biathlon BC and Cross Country BC will attend the Games regardless of snow conditions. Both are exploring modified scenarios for on-snow competition or dryland events. Nordic Provincial Sport Organizations will reach out to participants directly with updated programming and preparation instructions prior to travel to the Games.

In recognition of the value that the BC Games provide as an important milestone for athletes, sport organizations impacted by Games withdrawal are exploring alternate single-sport training or competition opportunities for participants and will continue to collaborate with the BC Games Society to incorporate elements of the Games experience.

Indoor events and sports at the Lhtako Quesnel 2024 BC Winter Games remain unaffected by snow conditions. The Games will proceed with representation from 13 sports, over 1,200 participants from around the province, and 1,350 host society volunteers in a celebration of community and sport from February 22-25, 2024.

Media Contact:
David Conlin
Communications Manager
BC Games Society
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Frequently Asked Questions

My sport has withdrawn from the Games – can I still attend the Games as a participant?
With the withdrawal of their Provincial Sport Organization, participants will not have access to Games travel, accommodation, or accreditation. Provincial Sport Organizations provide the supervision and programming necessary to ensure a safe and meaningful Games experience.

Why can’t snow events be hosted at another mountain in the region?
It takes over 18 months for host societies to plan the BC Winter Games, and agreements with local ski resorts are signed early in the process to reserve space, ensure that technical requirements are met, and secure the appropriate volunteer workforce to support events.

Does the cancellation of my sport change my status as a BC Games alumni?
Athletes impacted by cancellations who qualified for the Games will still be treated as BC Games alumni, meaning they will be eligible for Participant Certificates, External Sport Credits, and for the BC Games Leadership Bursary if they have submitted an application.

Will I be reimbursed for Games fees?
The BC Games Society will not be charging the Games fee of $175 for participants who do not attend. Additional charges from Provincial Sport Organizations may still apply depending on the sport. Contact your Provincial Sport Organization for more details on fees.

What happens if there isn’t enough snow for Biathlon or Cross-Country Skiing?
Nordic sport organizations are planning a number of modified scenarios for either snow-based competition or dryland activities with the goal of providing a meaningful and engaging experience for athletes regardless of the conditions.

Will I have another opportunity to attend the BC Winter Games?
Provincial Sport Organizations impacted by cancellations are investigating the potential of future events or training opportunities for the age group participants affected. Connect with your Provincial Sport Organization for more information on any alternate opportunities.

Do I still have to complete conditions of entry as part of the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE?
No, participants who are not attending do not have to complete waivers, medical information, or the Culture of the Games module.

As a participant or family member, who do I reach out to if I have further questions?
Contact your coach, zone representative, or provincial advisor from your Provincial Sport Organization for more information.

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