Volunteers Make the Games Happen

Volunteers are the driving force and heart and soul of the BC Games. Each volunteer is committed to ensure that the community comes together in a celebration of pride and that participants have an unforgettable experience. From meal preparation, to transportation, to hospitality, and sport competitions, the enthusiasm and expertise of volunteers is what makes it all happen.

The BC Games Society supports the development of volunteers through an extensive transfer of knowledge program that helps to foster the philosophy of helping others lead. The Society believes that the BC Games are a catalyst to personal and community leadership development.

Our Volunteers

BC Games Society Board of Directors

These community leaders from around the province provide direction to the society and support to the staff. They believe in the value of sport and the impact of the Games.

Host Community Volunteers

Host community volunteers are involved in every aspect of Games planning.  A community-based Board of Directors lead as many as 3,000 volunteers to stage their Games.

Sport Volunteers

Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) provide a number of volunteers, from coaches and officials to the Provincial Advisor, Sport Chair, and Zone Representatives. They make sure athletes can attend the Games and benefit from quality coaching, officiating, and leadership.

Volunteering at the Games

The BC Games is a very large event, one of the largest of its kind in North America.  As many as 3,000 volunteers come together for each Games to ensure participants have an unforgettable experience.

A Board of Directors is established in each community by the Mayor and other members of a nominating committee.  The Directors are community leaders in their own right and bring their time, energy, and commitment to make the Games a success, leading over 75 committee chairs who manage all aspects of the planning and staging of the Games.

The BC Games Society provides resources to fulfill its philosophy of helping others lead.  This includes written and online materials, timelines that ensure everyone reaches milestones at the same time, and staff support. Host community volunteers are encouraged to add their own uniqueness from their community to their Games, making each Games special and amazing for all involved.

Volunteering By the Numbers

Up to 3000 volunteers are needed to plan and stage the BC Winter and BC Summer Games
On average, Host Community Directors and Chairs commit 22 hours per week to planning for the Games.
Since the first BC Games in 1978, there have been over 150,000 volunteers involved.
On average, Canadian volunteers dedicated 206 hours of their time in 2018.

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