Culture of the Games

The Culture of the Games outlines and describes the expectations of those associated with the Games. It encompasses all safety and safe sport aspects of the Games and strives to inspire everyone to consider the roles they play in shaping the Games experience for everyone.


Learn more about the Culture of the Games principles.

Participant Module

Learn more about the mandatory Culture of the Games module.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the expectations of everyone involved in the Games.

Accessibility Plan

Working to ensure an inclusive and accessible Games.


The BC Games Society strives to inspire exceptional experiences by creating a positive, respectful, inclusive, and accessible environment.

The BC Games Society believes that everyone associated with the Games and Team BC:

  • has the right to participate in an environment that is supportive, positive, respectful, accessible, and that contributes to exceptional experiences
  • has the responsibility to contribute in a positive way to the experiences of everyone involved in the Games and Team BC
BC Games Culture of the Games

Participant Module

Prior to attending the Games, all participants are required to complete an module which outlines the key principles of the Culture of the Games and the BC Games Code of Conduct.

The 20-minute module is meant to reinforce expectations and ensure that all participants are equipped to contribute to a safe and welcoming environment at the Games.

Code of Conduct

The BC Games Society Code of Conduct is the document at the core of the Culture of the Games. It outlines the rules and behaviours that are expected from all participants while attending the Games.

Each participant in the Games is entitled to an environment that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices. The BC Games Society will not tolerate acts of harassment, abuse, bullying, hazing, or other such behaviours.

Screenshot of the first two pages of the Code of Conduct.
PlaySafe with the BC UCC


See viaSport's PlaySafeBC information for additional resources.

Also see the The Flag Tool as a quick reference about the appropriateness of behaviours (note The Flag Tool is not meant to be exhaustive or to replace legal advice).

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