Ronda Marceau – Volunteer host at sport venues

Why did you decide to volunteer for the BC Winter Games?
I’m originally from Quesnel and I think the BC Winter Games are a great way to bring our community together and show how great Quesnel really is. It also inspires younger kids to try new activities.

What motivates you to volunteer (generally)?
By volunteering I not only get to meet new people, but often get to try new things.

What are you bringing to the BC Winter Games Team?
Dedication and hard work. Hopefully by volunteering I can influence my friends and family to volunteer for future events as well.

How will you benefit from volunteering for the BC Winter Games?
I will gain new experiences and hopefully get out and enjoy some of the events.

If someone was considering volunteering for the Games, what would you tell them to help them make their decision?
Any help would be greatly appreciated and there is a wide variety of tasks and roles that need filled. From working behind the scenes getting ready for the participants to arrive, to working in the middle of it all. Even if it’s just an hour or two, they could use your help.

We’re reaching out to volunteers to share their reasons for signing up to help with the Games.
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