Ian Campbell – Sargeant-at-Arms and volunteer with the Logistics team

Why did you decide to volunteer for the BC Winter Games?
I volunteered at previous Games in the Comox Valley and Quesnel and found it was very rewarding. Also, my daughter attended the BC Winter Games in Port Alberni and people just like us helped make it a memorable experience for her.

What motivates you to volunteer (generally)?
I like to help out in the community and its always great to meet new people.

What are you bringing to the BC Winter Games Team?
My previous working career dovetails nicely with the two areas I’m volunteering in: warehousing and also Sergeant-at-Arms.

How will you benefit from volunteering for the BC Winter Games?
The satisfaction of helping to make the Games here a success.

If someone was considering volunteering, what would you tell them to help them make their decision?
The commitment can be as big or as small as you want; a couple of hours, or a lot of hours. Your choice. You’ll be doing something good for the community plus maybe meeting some new people.

We’re reaching out to volunteers to share their reasons for signing up to help with the Games.
What’s your why? We’d love to hear from you! Share your story by emailing pr@bcwintergames.ca

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