BC Games and Team BC alumni reach the podium at 2023 Pan Am Games

Canada’s delegation of almost 500 athletes at the 2023 Pan Am Games included 54 who previously competed in the BC Games or for Team BC at the Canada Games.

Twenty-eight of these athletes contributed to 22 of Canada’s 164 total medals at the Games.


NameSportBC GamesCanada Games2023 Pan Am Games
Zachary ClayArtistic Gymnastics2006 BC Winter Games2011 Canada Winter GamesGold, Silver
Sydney TurnerArtistic Gymnastics2016 BC Winter GamesBronze
Kaila ButlerAthletics2012 BC Winter & 2014 BC Summer Games2017 Canada Summer GamesBronze
Alycia ButterworthAthletics2006 BC Summer Games2009 Canada Summer GamesSilver
Ethan KatzbergAthletics2016 BC Summer GamesGold
Sean RichardsonCycling2016 BC Winter GamesGold
Dylan FrenchFencing2013 Canada Summer GamesSilver, Bronze
Shaul GordonFencing2013 Canada Summer GamesGold, Bronze
Ethan McTavishField Hockey2014 BC Winter GamesBronze
Isabelle HarrisJudo2016 BC Winter Games2019 Canada Winter GamesSilver
Devan WiebeModern Pentathlon2013 Canada Summer GamesBronze
Abby SpeirsRowing2012 BC Summer GamesGold
Caroline CrossleyRugby 7s2012 BC Summer GamesSilver
Shalaya ValenzuelaRugby 7s2016 BC Summer GamesSilver
Elias ErgasRugby 7s2012 BC Summer GamesBronze
Lockie KratzRugby 7s2014 BC Summer GamesBronze
Jake ThielRugby 7s2010 BC Summer GamesBronze
Emma EntzmingerSoftball2008 & 2010 BC Summe Games2013 & 2017 Canada Summer GamesBronze
Sara GroenewegenSoftball2008 BC Summer GamesBronze
Callum PilgrimSoftball2017 Canada Summer GamesBronze
Morgan ReimerSoftball2022 Canada Summer GamesBronze
Nicole BunyanSquash2006 BC Winter Games2011 Canada Winter GamesSilver (2)
Jeremy BagshawSwimming2006 BC Winter Games2009 Canada Summer GamesBronze (2)
Raben DommannSwimming2017 Canada Summer GamesBronze (2)
Mo ZhangTable Tennis2004 BC Winter Games2015 Canada Winter GamesBronze (2)
Brock HoelTriathlon2016 BC Summer Games2017 Canada Summer GamesBronze
Hunter SmithWakeboard2018 BC Summer GamesSilver
Nishan RandhawaWrestling2013 Canada Summer GamesBronze

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