The Athletes Oath – Read by Mitchell Robertson

Mitchell is a green belt at Lake Country Judo Club and has been doing judo for 5 years. He is always helping with the kids classes and truly epitomizes the “Jita Kyoei” (for mutual benefit and welfare) motto of Judo. He sets positive examples for the younger kids and tries his best in all the classes. During the pandemic, when people were down, Mitchell started a project with his brother in his community where he hiked up to and placed a giant bright lit-up star at the top of our local Spion Kopje mountain so all of that part of the Okanagan Valley would have a light shining down for all to see. He said “to spread light and positivity when everyone was down so that would hopefully brighten up their day”.

The Athletes Oath:
On behalf of all the Athletes
I pledge –
To Compete in the spirit in which the Games were founded, a celebration of competition, honour, and friendship.
I pledge –
To Strive to be the best I can be, to rise to the challenges I meet here and when I return home.
I pledge –
To push beyond what is expected of me and extend my limits in sport, academics, and community.
And I pledge –
To rise to the challenges I face and share with my competitors, my victories and my friendship.

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