Inclusion Awareness Top of Mind

The Greater Vernon 2022 BC Winter Games Board made inclusion awareness a priority. They wanted all volunteers to have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and awareness of the diversity of individuals involved in the Games, participant, volunteers, guests, and spectators. The goal was to make the BC Winter Games Everybody’s Games.

They undertook to update materials that can be used as resources for volunteers as they interact with others, both at the Games and in their everyday lives. Other initiatives include a space on the accreditation badges where volunteers, participants, and guests can add pronoun stickers, if they choose to do so.

Under the leadership of the Inclusion Chair for the Games, Kristy Ware, an awareness session was developed. Kristy, an accomplished author and speaker, led three in-person sessions and recorded a session for others to watch on their own.

The session can be watched on the BC Games YouTube channel.

BC Games Society - 200 - 990 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K2