Board of Directors
In addition to the many volunteers who will be onsite at various venues in March 2023, a number of volunteers work for up to two years in advance of the Opening Ceremony in order to ensure the Games are a success.

A community-based Board of Directors was formed in 2019 and is led by a President and Vice President and includes 15 Directors. Liaisons from various community organizations also join the Board to provide support to the Games.

The Directors lead 14 teams of Committee Chairs each responsible for specific aspects of planning and staging the Games. In all there are over 90 Chairs. Only a small contingent of staff, led by the Operations Manager, are hired by the Games to support the volunteers. This large community endeavour is approximately 97% volunteer-led.

Mission Statement
Delivering an exceptional BC Winter Games experience that puts athletes first, strengthens and showcases our communities, and invites the province to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the BC Winter Games in 2020.

Core Values
As a Board of Directors we will uphold the following core values…
Capacity building
Respect (Including the Environment)
Contagious Enthusiasm
Excellence – Defined as always putting forward our best efforts towards athlete experience.

Elevate the athlete experience that will inspire a legacy of extraordinary community engagement celebrating our diverse cultures and heritage.


Board of Directors
Nicky Dunlop
Cindy Masters
Vice President
Bob Oldfield
Director of Accommodation
Ron Gibson
Director of Access Control
Fran Stecyk
Director of Administration
Celenka Krawczyk
Director of Ceremonies & Special Events
Steve Coombs
Director of Food Services
Karen Adie-Henderson
Director of Friends of the Games
Doreen Stanton
Director of Logistics
Lara Konkin
Director of Marketing
Lori Moger
Director of Medical Services
Nick MacDonald
Director of Medical Services
Betty Beck
Director of Participant & Volunteer Services
Cassandra Zerebeski
Director of Protocol
Rana Grace
Director of Sport
Mike Grace

Director of Sport
Gary Lawson
Director of Technology
Frank Rennick
Director of Transportation
Louis Saitowitz
Operations Manager

BC Games Society - 200 - 990 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K2