Guide to the Games booklet available, G2G session registration open

The Maple Ridge 2024 BC Summer Games are fast approaching and athletes are now registered to attend.

Learn everything you need to know about the BC Summer Games using our Guide to the Games booklet, G2G Sessions, and Registration Key Dates Timeline.

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Guide to the Games

The Guide to the Games booklet for the BC Summer Games is now available for download.

The Guide is a document produced before each BC Winter and Summer Games designed to fill participants in on everything they need to know ahead of the Games. The booklet has information on accommodation, transportation, ceremonies, the host community, and more.

Cover for the 2024 BC Summer Games Guide to the Games document.

Guide to the Games (G2G) Sessions

Prior to the Maple Ridge 2024 BC Summer Games, online G2G Sessions open to athletes, coaches, officials, and parents provide an overview of what to expect at the Games.

The sessions are meant to help:

  • Increase understanding of the BC Games and the logistics of the Games.
  • Explore ways athletes can gain full benefit from their BC Games experience.
  • Provide specific information and tools to support preparation for the BC Games.
  • Provide practical information regarding their upcoming BC Games experience.
G2G Register for a Session

Registration Key Dates

BC Games Society - 200 - 990 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K2