Karina LeBlanc, Soccer

2012 Olympic Bronze Medallist
1993 & 1994 BC Summer Games

Karina lived the first eight years of her life on the small Caribbean Island of Dominica, before immigrating to Canada and residing in Maple Ridge, BC. Karina grew up playing soccer, basketball, field hockey and track. Although soccer later proved to be her passion, she played basketball at the 1993 and 1994 BC Summer Games.

Throughout Karina’s soccer career she represented Canada in four FIFA Women’s World Cups, three Pan American Games, and two Olympic Games in 2008 and 2012. She was one of the goalkeepers on the 2012 Olympic team in London that brought home the historical bronze medal win for the women’s soccer team.

Aside from her soccer successes, Karina is the first female footballer to become an official Ambassador with UNICEF Canada. She is an inspiring role model and motivator, hoping to share her love of soccer and make a different in the lives of others.

Check out Karina’s profile on Olympic.ca, visit her website karinaleblanc.com, her UNICEF profile unicef.ca/en/partners/article/karina-leblanc, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @karinaleblanc.

Photo Credit: Soccer Canada

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