Brett Lawrie, Baseball

2008 Olympic Team
16th in the 2008 Major League Baseball draft
2004 BC Summer Games

Growing up in Langley, BC, Brett developed a hard working, competitive attitude with the help of his father and sister. In high school Brett played baseball in the 2004 BC Summer Games. Straight out of high school, he was the 16th overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft by the Milwaukee Brewers, making him the fourth-highest a Canadian player has ever been drafted.

Brett was on the Canadian Junior National Team at the 2008 World Junior Baseball Championship, and represented Canada at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as the youngest member on the team. His sister, Danielle Lawrie played on the women’s softball team during the 2008 Olympic Games as well.

In 2011, at just 21 years old, Brett was called up to play for the Toronto Blue Jays. In 2014, he was traded to the Oakland Athletics, and traded again shortly after to the Chicago White Sox where he is currently playing.

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Photo: Charlie Riidel/AP

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